Geno Five – MAKE IT LAST!

Geno Five – MAKE IT LAST!

Hip hop is a genre that is truly in a class by itself. Going beyond just being a music genre that sounds nice. Its truly a way of life and the records have long served as guides for us through this world that we can take the substance in and relate to. Many timeless records have been made with the intent to give the listener positive affirmations that can help them when they need it most, and Geno Five brings one of this records on the new song “MAKE IT LAST!”.

Geno Five brings a feel good record that vibes for every second on the new song “MAKE IT LAST!”. The feel of the music catches immediately with a smooth bounce to it, that gets you invested to slow down and take in the work he brings to life. His presence is felt when he steps on the record and brings an infectious charisma to the approach that makes his words that much more enjoyable, that gives the perfect ode to appreciating what you have, while not getting wrapped up in the material things of this world to make it the right message at the right time.

Geno Five’s “MAKE IT LAST!” is a record that does wonders to the soul to make us keeping coming back for everything this track has to offer. Everything about this record works off each other in perfect harmony to make one sonically brilliant sound, as you are able to enjoy every small detail to the fullest on this must hear tune.

Check out Geno Five “MAKE IT LAST!” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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