Artist Spotlight: P.H.

Artist Spotlight: P.H.

Hip Hop is something all about variety. Being a thing of wide ranging styles to attract listeners. With as many styles out there, the one thing that we all enjoy is an artist who can let their words fly. Throwing on a beat and showing us the power of their mind, as they put ideas to life courtesy of their pen to make us all marvel at their work. That type of lyrically prowess is what you will love from P.H. and his new body of work “Big Facts”.

A 14 song, 47 minute project that has the spirit of classic albums before it’s time. The sound carries a great soul sound throughout that Chicago Hip Hop is known for, with amazing sample flips to make each record strong in its tone setting for the work he delivers. He’s super focused on each record and carries major flavor in its rhyme approach, as well as lyrically being unmatched in stand out records like “OUT THE GATE” featuring The Mic, that has blaring horns with a celebratory feel that engulfs you in the waves of the major sound, as well as a record like “Hood Symphony” that is reminiscent of Rick Ross “Luxury Tax” that makes for a supreme listen.

P.H.’s “Big Facts” is that real Hip Hop that forever keeps the culture intact and gives us all that fresh reminder of the powerful effect music has on the people when it’s real. It shines musically with a stand out soul sound, that is matched by commanding flow, and impressive lyricism while also being able to connect on an emotional level to make for a project that gives you everything you could ask for.

Check out P.H. “Big Facts” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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