Artist Spotlight: Zacariah 100

Artist Spotlight: Zacariah 100

Texas has long had a rich tradition of Hip Hop music like no other. Known for its great story telling in the rhymes, as well as trill productions that has that nice touch of south soul to it that makes you feel the music, with artists from their having a strong presence that cant be denied. Dallas own Zacariah 100 carries that tradition strong with his new project “Dallas Maverick” that is a must hear Hip Hop masterpiece.

The seven song, 23 minute project is filled with a wide range of engaging sounds in the production, great substance to the lyrics, and his amazing flow that you hear the hunger in to make you feel him on a soul level. He puts on for where he’s from majorly in his opener “Dallas Maverickz” that is perfect ode to the NBA team that you can hear being played proudly at games, as his infectious swagger and on point lyrics do it all such justice. He also shows great range on a record like “God Got Me” that shows his unwavering faith, as well as a great record that pours into the listener with great words affirmation to get us all through.

Zacariah 100’s “Dallas Maverick” is a super dope EP that puts the culture on notice this must hear talent that is a true maverick in his own right. His bold approach to the music makes for an engaging experience of music that you will want to keep coming back for more, with each song having its own special feel to it to make you enjoy each record, as well as them working all together to make one incredible body of work to make you stay on the look out of this rising star.

Check out Zacariah 100 “Dallas Maverick” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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