Artist Spotlight: Old Glory and The Black Riviera

Artist Spotlight: Old Glory and The Black Riviera

Every music genre has it’s own special thing that people know it for, as well as go to it for a certain experience. With a genre like Rock there’s no denying that it is known for having a big time feel to it. Having records that always feel full in its sound, with the layers to the music working perfect harmony to make something major, and usually matched with a strong vocal performance. That spirit is what runs wild about the new project from Old Glory and The Black Riviera and their new EP “The Subtle Reminder of Somewhere of Somewhere”.

A five track, 22 minute project that encompasses everything that made us all fall in love with Rock music. Each record has a bold approach to it that stops you in your tracks, with the opener “Had It All” setting the ultimate tone with commanding guitar riffs and hard hitting drums that is met with a strong vocal performance that sounds like a call to action, as it delivers the lyrics with all that it got which is more than enough. Another stand out as well as personal favorite is “Waiting For You (To Come Home)”. A record that carries the same daring energy you feel through the entire project, while also having nice emotion in the vocals and relatable substance in the writing that makes it all complete.

Old Glory and The Black Riviera’s “The Subtle Reminder of Somewhere” is a powerful body of work that shows how much life is still in Rock N Roll. In a time where music can be simplistic and solo artist driven, this project shows how incredible it is for a collective of musicians to put their best foot forward together, to make one sonically brilliant sound that has something for everyone to enjoy.

Check out Old Glory and The Black Riviera “The Subtle Reminder of Somewhere” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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