Artist Spotlight: Sensación Gemela

Artist Spotlight: Sensación Gemela

With something thats been around as long as music its tough to hear something that stands out as new. Something that stands out as fresh in each genre, with everything feeling like all that can be done in the music has been done already twice over. When artists are able to bring innovation to the music it stands out in a real way, especially when it’s done in a classic genre that has been around for ages. What Sensación Gemela is able to with Cuban music on their new project “Mulato” is nothing short of impressive.

Showcasing their talent on this nine song, 31 minute project that fuses together Reggaeton, Cuban music. and Latin Pop to make one amazing body of work that gets more exciting with each record, to keep us invested and engaged in the sound to make for a true musical experience. You feel the emotion and care put into the music instantly with the opener “Don’t Check on Me” being layered in grooves matched with an emotive sound and vocals that makes the writing hit home, while also showing range like the title record “Mulato” that is filled with infectious energy in every element playing off of each other to make for a major listen.

Sensación Gemela’s “Mulato” is a must hear music from an outstanding duo that come together to show the power collaboration and creativity at its finest. They marvel in their sound that is great at genre bending, as well as having great substance and range to the writing, that is delivered to the fullest by the vocals that give the right amount of emotion and intensity to make it all compete for the world to dive into.

Check out Sensación Gemela “Mulato” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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