Scream Geronimo x Bless 1 – Closing Act

Scream Geronimo x Bless 1 – Closing Act

Great music is timeless. No matter when it was made or when you hear it, you know you are hearing something special. That type of music is supreme and must come from a supreme talent who respects the craft. That level of talent and class is what you get from this new collaboration from Scream Geronimo and Bless 1 on the new song “Closing Act”.

Scream Geronimo and Bless 1 come together to make a timeless body of work on the new song “Closing Act”. The soulful approach to the sound set the ultimate tone, with you being able to feel the music take form in a real way. As the music flows you are able to dive into the writing that is sharp, as well as relatable, being brought to life by the vocals that are filled with conviction to make sure you not only hear the music, but feel at a high level to encompass the authentic experience we all still come to Hip Hop for.

Scream Geronimo and Bless 1‘s “Closing Act” is a stellar body of work that uses its time with the listener to give them that more in music that we need now more than ever. It shines in its substance as well as music as the production does it part at getting us invested, the rhymes hit home, and you are able to appreciate the beauty of the record in a major way.

Check out Scream Geronimo and Bless 1 “Closing Act” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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