Indigo Kxd Featuring shanesa- SWEET LOVE

Indigo Kxd Featuring shanesa- SWEET LOVE

Getting someone to enjoy your music is always a task for any artist. Putting out your own original sound for people to take in and see if they enjoy. The only thing tougher then that is getting people to enjoy your own cover of someone’s music. Especially if you’re covering a big record, that people all over are familiar with and love. To exceed in that you truly have to knock the song out of the park, and Indigo Kxd does just that on the new release “SWEET LOVE” featuring shanesa.

Indigo Kxd and shanesa come together with shines to tap into an Anita Baker classic to make magic on the new song “SWEET LOVE”. This pair works in perfect harmony with Indigo supplying the sound and shanesa on the vocals. Once you hit play you get to hear the Commercial sound doing its work in the music, to make something full of appeal that sounds amazing, and feels even better as you get to hear a creative approach, that shines on this big record.

Indigo Kxd featuring shanesa “SWEET LOVE” is audio magic that is everything that a cover should be. It gives you everything that you love from the original, while adding their own distinct twist to it that makes you enjoy everything that much more. It’s truly must hear in every way, as each element plays it’s part to the fullest to give people something to enjoy without limits.

Check out Indigo Kxd featuring shanesa “SWEET LOVE” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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