Chayla Hope – Long Way

Chayla Hope – Long Way

In a time where there’s no shortage of music to get into, there seems to be a void of authenticity in music. Due to that fact people now more than ever, are hanging onto classic releases of music that carry that feel good sound, that seems harder to find by the day. As people reminisce about the golden times of music, Chayla Hope is able to deliver music that we’ve all been missing with the new song “Long Way”.

Chayla Hope delivers a record full of fun and nostalgia on the new song “Long Way”. The bright retro feel to the music sets a strong tone you cant deny with this Pop tribute to New Jack Swing giving you all you could want and more. As the music flows you get swept up in Chayla’s vocals that have a fun approach met with great appeal to make you fall in love with the writing, as the feel good vibes take over in a real way to make a record that you feel like you’ve been looking for.

Chayla Hope’s “Long Way” is a brilliant record that is right on time for us all who’ve been craving good music. The magic of music is on full bloom on this exceptional record with a sound that has a brightness to it that shines its light on us all, to keep us coming back for more on this record one listen will never do enough justice.

Check out Chayla Hope “Long Way” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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