Chad Wilson – The DEVIL (Official Video)

Chad Wilson – The DEVIL (Official Video)

As an artist, your music is your most powerful tool. Being given time by the listener to take them any which way you want with your artistry. You can make music that is just something nice to hear, or you can use your time with the listener to give them that something more. Those records that are filled with gems that shine through, to help us all get through as the music makes a connection like no other. The latter is what you get from Chad Wilson on his new song “The DEVIL”.

Chad Wilson brings a powerful sound and message that you feel to your core on the new song “The Devil”. The whole experience of the music is intimate and heartfelt with each aspect aiding the next to form one masterpiece. Bringing an Acoustic/ Country approach to the sound slows down time for us to feel the emotion set in the tone, and allows for Chad’s vocals to shine in the soul put into it to make the writing connect that much more that takes on suicide prevention in a real and relatable way to pour into us all.

Chad Wilson’s “The DEVIL” is the right record at the right time that the world needs now more than ever. He uses his time with us to the fullest and gives us something truly authentic that will last the times, due to the soul and realism in the music. It’s masterful in its approach at make something that is well crafted musically, and also has a brighter message to make for an experience worth every second.

Check out Chad Wilson “The DEVIL” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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