James Tyler Wallace – Boys Are All The Same

James Tyler Wallace – Boys Are All The Same

Now more than ever artists are trying to find a way to stick with the listener. It can be approached in many different ways, but one of the best ways is putting your all into the music. That unexplainable quality to the music that makes you feel the emotion of the music, to make it last the times for you. James Tyler Wallace brings one of those records on his new song “Boys Are All The Same”.

James Tyler Wallace shows the art of a well written song on the latest release called “Boys Are All The Same”. His ability to convey emotion is genius level, over this Pop/ R&B infused production that packs appeal to give it nice digestibility, while his vocal performance takes over with each impressive melody. The writing is amazing in its articulation, with a love song you can feel, to make it a record that not only sounds good, but also relatable to make it all click just right.

The latest release from James Tyler Wallace is truly a record that hits the mark in every category of music making, to show his unlimited potential. Each element comes together to make art like no other, with amazing production that sets the tone for the writing and vocals perfectly, the vocal tone that is rooted in soul, and the well crafted lyrics to make it a record worth diving into.

Check out James Tyler Wallace “Boys Are All The Same” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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