Artist Spotlight: Joe Jackson

Artist Spotlight: Joe Jackson

Now more than ever people are looking to be closer to the artist that they listen to. Looking to feel something real to the music, that makes it go beyond just hearing something that has a nice sound, but a true experience that can connect on a high level. The only way for an artist to pull that off they need to be daring in their approach, to bring true transparency to the music to connect to music fans, and Joe Jackson has that type of music on his new EP “A Subtle Deposition”.

An eight track, 26 minute EP that puts it all out there to make an emotive work of art. As soon as you hit play on the opener, as well as the single “Goodbye” you feel the pure emotion being brought to life, with melancholy piano chords that build throughout, as Joe lets his presence be felt putting conviction in his vocals, to make you feel the writing in its entirety. The approach also shines in the title track “A Subtle Deposition” that slows down time to hear the depth in the writing that packs relatable substance and delivered with his melodic flow that, is a match made in heaven with the sound to make it sonically stand out music.

Joe Jackson’s “A Subtle Deposition” is a timeless body of work that fans all over will be able to hear the genius in, as well as keep coming back for time to come due to the soul put into the music, that will keep us coming back for a lifetime. He marvels in his incredible songwriting, as well as his ability to put real emotion in to the music, to make it felt that much more, served up by the stellar production that serves as the perfect score to bring the vision to life righteously.

Check out Joe Jackson “A Subtle Deposition” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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