Karaboudjan – Upside Down

Music stands out instantly when its captivating. When as soon as you hit play you’re able to go on the journey the music takes you, as you give your all to the sounds you’re hearing that make for a true experience of music. That type of music has long made lifetimes fans out the people who listen and Karaboudjan brings that major sound on the new song “Upside Down”.

Karaboudjan brings a big time sound full that runs wild in its creativity on the new song “Upside Down”. As soon as you hit play you get lost in the sound with a mastery in the approach, that lets you enjoy the layers to the music that work in perfect harmony with the next, to make one socially brilliant sound. For the vocals you get a mesmerizing tone that glides through the music, to serve as the perfect narrator for this new world brought to life.

Karaboudjan’s “Upside Down” is a daring display of music that goes for gold to make a record with unlimited replay value. With each listen it gets better and better as you are able to catch the many intricacies that play their part, to make one big time sound that is sonically brilliant for the world to enjoy.

Check out Karaboudjan “Upside Down” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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