Francisco Martin – Narcissist

Francisco Martin – Narcissist

Music connects best when its something you can relate to. When an artist is saying everything you feel and meets you where you’re at to make a true genuine connection like no other. That type of connection is what music will forever have a special place in our life, because it can always bring our thoughts to life sometimes better than we can, as we get an experience of music that you feel in your soul. Francisco Martin brings that type of music to make something special on the new song “Narcissist”.

Francisco Martin brings his manic thoughts to life to relate to us all on the new song “Narcissist”. The song packs major appeal that sets the ultimate tone, with a commercial digestibility to it that sounds ready for the world to hear it, and as you listen further you get to much more. Being able to take in the writing that is packed with strong substance we can all feel,, and it’s all delivered with a strong vocal performance that shines in its presence, as well as the emotion put into it to make sure it all hits just right.

Francisco Martin’s “Narcissist” is a sure hit thats hard not to love with a mastery in the approach that gets the job done to perfection. It’s able to make a connection with the listener due to the authenticity in the approach, that dares to let it all fly in the content, and matches it all with a mega sound and vocal performance that lets it all shine through to the fullest.

Check out Francisco Martin “Narcissist” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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