Colliding Scopes – Sunlight

Colliding Scopes – Sunlight

Every artist and group now more than ever are trying to find a way to stay with the audience. Competing with all of the countless new and established acts, as well as the many releases that come out daily, it leaves everyone looking for a hook. That can be approached many ways with a wide ranging art like music but one of the best ways is creating an experience of music that the listener can get lost in. That experience that stops time for the listener to take in the music and go on a journey like no other. Thats what you get from Colliding Scopes on their new record “Sunlight”.

Colliding Scopes brings a sonically brilliant sound to life to make fans of us all on the new song “Sunlight”. The psychedelic melodic approach to the sound works wonders at setting the ultimate tone, with each element working in perfect sync with the next to make one awesome sound that progresses to perfection to make us get lost in the music. As the music does it work to stop time for us all, the vocals. have a strong mesmerizing tone thats perfect for the sound, and brings the writing to life to make it all home together righteously.

Colliding Scopes “Sunlight” embodies the creativity that makes you get invested in the artistry. It connects not only in the impressive audio but also in the visuals as well to give you the full scope of artistry, on this masterpiece that embodies the art and freshness we all come to music for.

Check out Colliding Scopes “Sunlight” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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