Mel Pacifico – FLOWIN

Mel Pacifico – FLOWIN

Now more than ever theres a constant debate if R&B music is dead. If theres any life let for this genre that embodied what love songs should sound and feel like. As much as one can argue that the genre has lost his way, there is still quality artists with must hear music that pours more life into the culture in a real way. Mel Pacifico is one of those artists with her latest release “FLOWIN” being a shining example of her talent and what R&B still has to offer.

Mel Pacifico delivers an incredible record that feels good to hear for every second on the new song “FLOWIN”. The bright feel to the music catches you right away, as the smooth sweet vibe of the sound sets the ultimate tone to bring some sun to your day. As the music flows Mel’s warm vocals take over with the right amount of soul being put into. every word, to breathe life into the writing to make sure each element is felt to make one ultra must hear record for fans everywhere.

Mel Pacifico’s “FLOWIN” is an amazing record that shows how great it is when the magic in the record shines through. The timeless approach to the record gives it unlimited replay value, with a sound that feels so good to hear that it will be a for sure go to, from this artist that delivers a masterpiece with every release.’

Check out Mel Pacifico “FLOWIN” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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