saturn 17 – not my fault

saturn 17 – not my fault

With so much music out there, it’s always great to just hear songs that stand out in a real way from the pack. Those undeniable tunes that you hear, and know that they were meant for the world to hear it, with so many great things being done at once, it makes it impossible to ignore. That special sound shines to the fullest on this new release from saturn 17 called “not my fault”.

A must hear emotive smash is what you get from saturn 17 on the new song “not my fault”. The song has so many amazing qualities to it, that it makes it tough to pick one to start. For the production they bring a strong sound full of appeal, that builds excitement well throughout to make sure it keeps you invested. For the big time sound they bring a major vocal performance that help the music shine even more, as well delivering the writing to the fullest to make sure we are able to enjoy this magic in the record.

Everything you hope to hear when listening to something new is what you get from saturn 17. The innovation and care put into the music shines through, to make one socially pleasing work of art. It is supreme in every way from the brilliant writing, incredible sound that sets the ultimate tone, and the vocals that bring the perfect tone to make you feel it all, to keep us invested for time to come.

Check out saturn 17 “not my fault” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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