ISOxo x FrostTop – Angels Landing

ISOxo x FrostTop – Angels Landing

With so much music releasing daily its important for the music not wasting any time with making something engaging. Bringing music to the world that grabs you instantly and makes you keep listening to hear the magic in the sound that is coming to life, right before our eyes and ears. That type of music is what you get from ISOxo and FrostTop on the new song “Angels Landing”.

ISOxo and FrostTop come together to bring a big time sound filled with lights on the new song “Angels Landing”. The Trap/ EDM infused sound makes for a major listen with a stand out quality to it that gets you invested early. As the music flows it takes you on a journey with amazing progressions and transitions that keep it exciting for every second with the exhilarating percussion, peaking through with the electro chords to show off the high powered innovation to the fullest.

ISOxo and FrostTop’s “Angels Landing” is an incredible record that hows fun music can still be when creatives come together and dare to let their original ideas run wild. Its a musical master class that puts more life into the culture, with an out of this world sound that you hear and know it was meant to rock festivals all over the world.

Check out ISOxo and FrostTop “Angels Landing” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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