John Alex Harper – Outlier

John Alex Harper – Outlier

No other genre pumps out new music like Hip Hop. Everyday thousands of new talent drop releases, and with all the music out there’s a void now more than ever for that authentic sound. That music that you can enjoy the talent, as well as feel the soul by the artists on the track. If you need that void filled, then you must listen to the new track from John Alex Harper on the new song “Outlier”.

John Alex Harper puts on a master class tp give you that real Hip Hop music you can feel on the new song “Outier”. This record is a boom bap masterpiece with super dope production that has that golden age feel, that will keep your head nodding for every second. For this incredible sound you get amazing emceeing that shines in the lyricism, and the flow filled with soul you can feel to make this experience more realer than ever to be apart of.

John Alex Harper’s “Outlier” is the perfect record to show the magic of Hip Hop, as well as the soul that will make people keep coming back for more. Each moving part of this record is done at a high level from the production to rhyming to give the people the more they’re looking for.

Check out John Alex Harper “Outlier” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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