Jance – Momma Said

Jance – Momma Said

Hip Hop has long a genre of variety. Being an art form that is known for its artist bringing their own original flavor for the world to become fans of. When an artist is in their zone it always makes for a major listen, with them being unapologetic in their approach, to let their words fly as they go for gold. That type of energy is what Jance’s new song “Momma Said” shines in.

Jance continues to marvel with his work one his latest release “Momma Said”. The production samples the classic LL Cool J record “Momma Said Knock You Out” matching it with hard 808’s that he takes full advantage of. With the music pumping Jance has the same intensity of the original, bringing so much conviction and hunger in its approach, that his presence is impossible to ignore. He not only stands out in the flow, but lyrically he shows he’s the real deal with every line standing out while having great depth, to make sure you find more reasons to enjoy the song with every listen.

Jance’s “Momma Said” is a supreme quality record that you expect from him with every release. He’s more focused than ever and your hear it in the music, with the care put into coming together in a real way, to make it an undeniable body of work that is right on time for fans everywhere.

Check out Jance “Momma Said” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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