Gram-Of- Fun – THRILLS

Gram-Of- Fun – THRILLS

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a great week and ready to kick off the weekend strong! Fridays are always an exciting day for music fans everywhere to enjoy good music, and also a day we try our best to post undeniable content that we feel anyone , who loves good music can enjoy the genius of it. To kick things off today we have to share this exciting new release from Gram-Of-Fun called “THRILLS”.

Gram-Of-Fun delivers an impressive infectious jam you cant go without on the new song “THRILLS”. The artist name encompasses the music perfect with the right dose of fun to the sound that grabs you instantly. The creativity in the music stands out with a nice bounce to it that the slick vocal approach is a match made in heaven with, to make sure we can enjoy the well crafted lyrics that shine in the verses, and take off in the chorus to make a record with unlimited replay value.

Gram-Of-Fun’s “THRILLS” is a record full of appeal that you hear and know the masses will enjoy. The genre bending in the music shines through, with it giving you a little bit of everything you love from different genres, to make something sonically pleasing on this record that doesnt miss. If you love good music you will want to get familiar with this jam now.

Check out Gram-Of-Fun “THRILLS” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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