General Pype x Izy Beats – Mine Only

General Pype x Izy Beats – Mine Only

When you feel the soul of a record, theres no denying the connection it makes. Doing wonders to the spirit like no other as you get an experience of music that is timeless, due to the authentic connection it makes with the listener. Songs like these have long been the reason music is such a big part of our daily lives, and General Pype embodies that spirit on his new song “Mine Only”.

General Pype and Izy Beats brings a love song that feels good for every second on the new song “Mine Only”. The smooth grooves in the production help set the ultimate tone, with the bass going to work in bringing the sound to life. As the music flows through you effortlessly the vocals shine to the fullest, hitting the mark with his perfect tone for every turn, as the love in the lyrics pour into the listener and lets it overflow for us all to be fans of this jam.

General Pype featuring Izy Beats “Mine Only” is an impressive display of music that does everything right to make something must hear. The music sounds as good as it feels, with an energy to the sound that shines bright as the gems in the music, that will have us all enjoying life that much more.

Check out General Pype featuring Izy Beats “Mine Only” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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