Kaleber & DJ Concept – Amnesia

Kaleber & DJ Concept – Amnesia

With so much diversity in Hip Hop present day, theres hard to find something that all fans can enjoy. With more styles comes more subjectivity that it tough for fans to come together and unanimously acknowledge the greatness that a piece can have. Even with all the changes theres no denying how important it is for an artist to be able to do work with the pen. As much the production of a record can carry the weight depending on the artist, there’s still some artist who shine through it all with impressive emceeing that is timeless. Thats what you get from Kaleber and DJ Concept on the new song “Amnesia”.

Kaleber and DJ Concept come together for the hard hitting new track “Amnesia”. The production courtesy of DJ Concept sets the ultimate tone with a hard chilling touch to the music, that encompasses the New York sound to perfection. For the hard sound you get a masterful performance from Kalebar that is strong in its presence, sharp in its lyricism, and delivers with the ultimate conviction to make sure this record doesn’t give you a chance to decide if you like it, with a quality to it that is beyond subjectivity.

Kaleber and DJ Concept’s “Amnesia” is a stand out record that is just in time to give the culture a piece of art, that is worth every listen. The integrity as well as care put into the music shines through majorly, with every aspect of the record doing its part to give you something more than the per usual of today’s Hip Hop. If you’re looking for the real they have that for you and so much more on this must hear release.

Check out Kaleber and DJ Concept “Amnesia” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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