Crypto – Pal’ Play

Crypto – Pal’ Play

Music is something that is wide ranging in not only the styles of it but what the music can encompass. It can be something that shines just in the skill of it, as the craftsmanship in the approach standing out as something superb. It can also be something thats fun to take in and makes you enjoy the entertaining aspect of music that makes it something we flock to when done well. Where it can all go has no limits but with a record like Crypto’s “Pal’ Play” he gives you a little bit of everything to make something must hear.

Crypto brings a high energy sound that keeps you invested for every second on the new song “Pal’ Play”. Its the perfect record to show off where lyrical wizardry and mass appeal meet to make something that brings people together. The sound knocks with hard 808’s setting a tone for this super flow, to ride and push the song forward in a real way. As you get invested in the artistry the lyrics stand out in their impressive substance, able to make a record that is fun but also still rooted in pure emceeing to make a record for every one to enjoy.

Crypto’s “Pal’ Play” is a record that is truly undeniable. In a craft like music it can all hang on the listener on what’s considered good, but the level he brings on this record surpasses that subjectivity with golden touch to every facet of the record, that makes it stand out and shine to keep us coming back for more.

Check out Crypto “Pal’ Play” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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