Alex Poet featuring RAENE – Blue

Alex Poet featuring RAENE – Blue

With music some songs take time to really enjoy them and some just catch you instantly. Especially those songs that just have a certain special quality to them, that makes you fall in love with the music as soon as you hit play. A record that is impossible to not love is this fresh release from Alex Poet featuring RAENE called “Blue”.

Alex Poet comes together with RAENE to brings impressive vocals and a sound laced in grooves on the new song “Blue”. The song has countless reasons to love it, especially the mesmerizing vocals that deliver each line to perfection. The writing is phenomenal in its articulation, over a R&B/ Pop infused production that makes you move to every danceable groove, to enjoy life and music alike, on this record that doesn’t miss.

Alex Poet featuring RAENE “Blue” is an amazing body work that makes you an instant fan of their artistry. They shine bright like the true star that they are, as they make a feel good smash that you want to keep on replay. It delivers in all its magic to make a masterpiece that you want to be apart of for every second they gives us.

Check out Alex Poet featuring RAENE “Blue” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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