Pet Owner – Hi-Res

Pet Owner – Hi-Res

In a time where everyone has the words for everything, there are still some things that almost feel indescribable. Not because it doesn’t warrant any words, but so many words come to mind that it’s hard to just focus on one to get you going. That’s how we feel about Pet Owner’s new song “Hi-Res” that stands out from everything in a major way.

Pet Owner delivers an incredible sound beyond words that will melt you on the new song “Hi-Res”. The music is many things including refreshing, as you get a sound full of innovation and creativity to it show there’s still more to music then what we hear on the daily. To match the hypnotizing melodies, you also get vocal harmonies that blend into the music perfectly, to help it all come together in it’s own divine way to make you enjoy the magic in that music that shines to the fullest.

Pet Owner’s “Hi-Res” is must hear music by must hear talent that gives more life to the culture of music, with this one of a kind release. It dares to let the creativity run wild, and pays majorly with a stand out sound that is enjoyable in every way. It’s music that is layered to perfection with a stand out quality that you will keep wanting to get lost in, with every listen.

Check out Pet Owner “Hi-Res” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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