flamingo zamperoni x noon – slowblink

flamingo zamperoni x noon – slowblink

Every genre has their own special thing that people come to it for, but theres no denying the connection that R&B makes with the people. A genre that has long been known to connect the people beyond just sounding good, but having a true emotion connection that people feel for a lifetime. That type of vibe is what you get from this new collaboration from flamingo zamperoni and noon called “slowblink”.

The ultimate vibe of a record is what you get on this new release from flamingo zamperoni and noon called “slowblink”. As soon as you hit play time slows down for you to tell the waves of the music with a sweet soulful sound with a nice Neo soul touch, to make you feel the extra emotion in the music. To match this sound you get a an amazing vocal performance that has a delicate tone that is perfect for the heartfelt writing to be heard, and felt on a high level.

Everything that you hope to hear from a new record is delivered on a silver platter for us all to take in on this fresh release. It feels good to hear and encompasses everything that makes for a great love song, with the soul put into the music shining through to make fans of us all.

Check out flamingo zamperoni and noon “slowblink” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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