Bolinas – Tarot Lines

Bolinas – Tarot Lines

More than ever life feels so fast paced, with so much being available for the consumer. Especially with something like music, where there’s always a new song out for you to here, with only the special songs standing out. As much as life seems like a constant rush a great record always stops you in your tracks to listen, and Bolinas has one of those records with their new song “Tarot Lines”.

Bolinas delivers in every way possible to give the people that more they need in music on the new song “Tarot Lines”. As soon as you hit play you get something you can’t turn away from, with a big time sound you get lost in for every second they give us. The vocal performance has so much magic to it, that is a match made in heaven with the psychedelic sound, and delivers the writing to perfection to make sure they give you, all you could want and more from this record that doesn’t miss.

Bolinas “Tarot Lines” is a stand out song from a brilliant collective that’s worth every listen. Everything about this record is master class, with a supreme sound that flourishes to the fullest, from this group you will want to get familiar with now!

Check out Bolinas “Tarot Lines” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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