Ceaser – Difference

Ceaser – Difference

When listening to music we all hope to hear something good but even more than that we all look for music we can feel. Those special releases that just have such presence to them and the artistry that you feel like you’re being drawn to the music, as you relate to the experience being provided in every way. That intimate experience of music is what slows down time for us to consume it in a time, where it feels like it’s never enough time to check out something new. That true experience of music is what you get on Ceaser’s new release “Difference”.

Ceaser brings a brilliant emotive sound to life matched with heartfelt lyrics on this new must hear ballad “Difference”. The acoustic approach to the sound makes everything feel that much more authentic, with the guitar chords bringing real emotion to the sound that is perfect for the substance in the material. With you being able to focus on the lyrics, the transparent approach to his pen does wonders and are delivered with a vocal performance that is great at conveying emotion to make sure that each element of the record is felt to your core.

Ceasar’s “Difference” is an intimate experience of music that makes a true connection with the listener. It encompasses everything that ballad is and why its one of the most timeless aspects of music, with a soulfulness to it all that resonates in supreme fashion. If you’re looking to feel a master class of music, as well as an artist to connect to, Ceaser gives you all of that and so much more on this stand out release of music.

Check out Ceaser “Difference” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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