Ekotumi – Before You Were Born

Ekotumi – Before You Were Born

Music has long been a way of not only hearing great sounds but also get closer to the artist behind the music. Getting a chance to be educated on their views and background that makes for an intimate experience that makes you feel a connection to the artistry that makes you get invested in them on a supreme level. That experience is what makes people fans and this new record from Ekotumi called “Before You Were Born” embodies that and so much more.

Ekotumi brings a musical masterpiece to life on the new song “Before You Were Born”. The music is inspired by Japanese mythology and it shines through in the sound with a perfectly layered sound that pays homage to the sound, and builds righteously with the writing to help the art of it all come to life. To bring it all home you get a vocal performance that is delicate in its tone, to glide through the music in its elegance to make you feel every sweet melody it has to offer the world, on this one of a kind listen.

Ekotumi’s “Before You Were Born” is a record that shines in its creativity to make a stand out body of work. its brilliant in its story telling and every facet of the record does it part to tell it, as the production, writing, and vocals play off each other to bring the vision to life just as well as any cinema work could ever do.

Check out Ekotumi “Before You Were Born” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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