Zak North – Quiet As Ever

Zak North – Quiet As Ever

Happy Friday!!!! Hope everyone had a great week and ready to have an even better weekend. We always try to bring the best music out theres especially with Fridays being the day that we are all exposed to countless releases, and we try to do out part to help you sort through them all to make sure you get quality. To kick it off its a must we have to hear this new impressive record from Zak North on his new song “Quiet As Ever”.

Zak North continues to drop fire releases with this latest release “Quiet As Ever” being some of his hottest work to date. The record is instantly engaging with a strong sound in the production that matches piano chords with hard 808’s to give it that knock that he takes full advantage of. His signature flow is on full display as it pushes the song forward righteously, while having so much life to it that you are able to not only marvel at his pen but also feel his undeniable presence on this record that doesn’t miss.

Zak North’s “Quiet As Ever” is another incredible release for this rising talent and gives us all a reason to be excited for his project dropping on August 24th. Its a sure fire experience of music full of replay value to keep us coming back for more and to put the culture on notice of this stand out talent.

Check out Zak North “Quiet As Ever” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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