Eyas – Object Permanence

Eyas – Object Permanence

Music is an art that is subjective like no other. Being a thing that different people can hear the same thing yet have such differing opinions. As much as that is that case theres just some songs that you hear and know it defies any subjectivity music can have. Being done to such a high level you cant help but be a fan of it all. Thats the case for Eyas new song “Object Permanence”.

Eyas brings a brilliant display of music that will make a fan out of anyone on the new song “Object Permanence”. The creativity in the music stands out to the fullest with a one of a kind sound that builds an exciting world around you to make you get lost in the many layers of the record working in perfect harmony together. For this majestic sound you get an equally impressive vocal performance that marvels in its tone and a match made in heaven with the sound, to make the writing come to life to take this song truly over the top.

Eyas “Object Permanence” is a stellar body of work that is supreme in every way. It shows just how much room for innovation there is left in music, with the chances took in the music making for a great experience that gets better with every listen. If you love good music you will love everything that this amazing record has to offer.

Check out Eyas “Object Permanence” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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