Valley Boy – Every Button

Valley Boy – Every Button

Something that theres no denying in music is a song that truly gives you everything. A record that not only gives you a fresh original sound, but substance in the lyrics, and soul in the vocals to make sure the music connects and lasts through the times. That type of music can get harder to find by the day but when you do find one of those gems they shine to the fullest and Valley Boy’s new release “Every Button” delivers that and more.

Valley Boy brings an emotive beautiful sound to life to us all on the new song “Every Button”. The care put into the music grabs you right away, as you feel the sound that is masterful in setting a tone to make us slow down and feel the music just as much as we hear it. As you feel the music you get really dive into the relatable substance in the lyrics, that shines through majorly due to the vulnerability in the vocals that lets them connect to a righteous level, to let us all bare witness to this work of art.

Valley Boy’s “Every Button” is a brilliant release that shows the power music will always have when done right. He marvels at bringing his own original sound to give us something real we can feel, and makes an emotional connection with us all, on this record we will surely be coming back to for time to come.

Check out Valley Boy “Every Button” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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