Nick Cannon – Eyes Closed

Nick Cannon – Eyes Closed

In music something that is always refreshing is hearing an established artist show another side to their game. Already being familiar with their work and what they do well, to hear a new side to them that you didn’t know was there, is always exciting to hear especially if pulled off just right. With Nick Cannon’s new single “Eyes Closed” he shows his talent has no limits.

Nick Cannon bring a beautiful balled to life to show more life on his new song “Eyes Closed”. The music brings a great acoustic piano sound that brings emotion to the music, while also allowing us to focus on the heartfelt writing. He lets his presence be felt and allows his vocals to flow effortlessly to make a soulful connection with the listener, to make it all connect in its own divine way to make one stellar work of art.

Nick Cannon’s “Eyes Closed” is a masterful display of music for this stand out creative who always has something new up his sleeve to offer the world. This record does everything right and then some to make a timeless body of work that emotion as well as soul, will forever be felt with every listen for time to come.

Check out Nick Cannon “Eyes Closed” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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