Lou Emery – Wish

Lou Emery – Wish

A song can connect for many different reasons. Being a thing of such diversity the reasons a song can grab you are countless, but when a record has that soul you can feel ,theres no denying it. Those records that you just feel in your spirit as you are able to go beyond just hearing a song, but making a sure intimate connection with it like no other. Thats the type of music you get from Lou Emery on the new song “Wish”.

Lou Emery brings a brilliant soulful sound that you will love on the new song “Wish”. The classic approach to the music sets the ultimate tone, with a groovy R&B/ Pop infused sound that gets you invested right away. As the music flows Lou lets her vocals be felt at a high level with a masterful tone in the singing that lets her presence be felt, while the lyrics are brought to life to make a record that truly doesn’t miss in making something must hear.

Lou Emery’s “Wish” is everything you hope to hear when pushing play on a record. Its a audio master class that shines in its authenticity in its sound, but even more in the feeling it gives you when you hear it. If you love good music you will love everything about this record that gives a timeless approach to make sure we have something that will last the times.

Check out Lou Emery “Wish” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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