Keyahxh Featuring JetBlacc – No Matter What

Keyahxh Featuring JetBlacc – No Matter What

Music always has a way of grabbing you when you feel the soul in it. When you have that special connection with the audio, as well as person behind it as they give their all to the music in way, that makes you feel them, as well as relate to them. That approach is what makes people lifetime fans of an artist and Keyahxh shines in that and so much more on her new song “No Matter What” featuring JetBlacc.

Keyahxh comes together with JetBlacc to make an R&B masterpiece on the new song “No Matter What”. The music captures a great cinematic touch to the sound that makes it instantly engaging, as the layers of the music form righteously to make one cohesive sound. For the strong sound you get a vocal performance that is masterful in its ability to convey emotion, as you feel the yearning in her vocals that makes you connect to the heartfelt writing, that shines in its articulation. To bring it all home you get a guest verse from JetBlacc to add some Hip Hop flavor to this must hear record.

Keyahxh featuring JetBlacc “No Matter What” is a smash of a debut for this promising creative. She does everything right to make for a great experience to be apart, with a mastery in the approach that lets the care put into it shine through majorly, while also making an intimate connection with the listener to make you us want to come back for more!

Check out Keyahxh featuring JetBlacc “No Matter What” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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