DASHA – Dramatic

DASHA – Dramatic

With so much music out there, every artist is looking for their own way to stick with fans. That task can be approached many different ways but something that always has a way of working is when an artist bares their truth to us. When they give their story in a way that lets us relate to the music as well as feel a deeper connection with the person behind the music. Thats what you get from DASHA on the new song “Dramatic”.

DASHA brings the perfect post break up anthem you feel in every way on the new song “Dramatic”. The music brings the perfect Pop/ Rock infused sound to make something instantly engaging as well as appeal to make it digestible. As the music flows you get to the feel the emotion in DASHA’s vocals that really lets you connect to the music to a supreme level, as you feel the writing that shines in its articulation in the verses, and takes off to another level in the chorus to make a sure hit for the world to enjoy.

DASHA’s “Dramatic” is a sure fire hit that the world will know and love. Its high level artistry in every facet with every element of the record working in perfect harmony with the next to make something must hear, while also still have a strong commercial appeal to it that will help it travel to its rightful destination.

Check out DASHA “Dramatic” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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