Brotha Josh Featuring Abigail Laire – Never Enough

Brotha Josh Featuring Abigail Laire – Never Enough

One of the best things about being a fan of music, is being able to be a fan of an artist. Getting familiar with their sound and the journey that their music takes you on with every release to make you get invested in the artisty in a major way. With an artist like Brotha Josh his music truly gives you everything and more with his signature sound giving us fresh life in music, with his latest release “Never Enough” featuring Abigail Laire being some of his best work to date.

Brotha Josh comes together with Abigail Laire to bring you something super smooth and super must hear on the new song “Never Enough”. The infectious grooves in the sound set the ultimate tone and they take full advantage, with so much flavor to the vocals that its impossible not to hang on to every word. It also stands out lyrically with amazing story telling that comes to life more with each second, as well as the visuals to make sure we enjoy this vision in its totality.

Brotha Josh featuring Abigail Laire’s “Never Enough” is a record that does wonders to the soul to the point you know one listen will never be enough for you. Brotha continues to make fans of all of us here and the world with his funky approach that packs that special touch of soul to make sure you feel it all in a real way.

Check out Brotha Josh featuring Abigail Laire “Never Enough” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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