Jesse Michael – Blueprint

Jesse Michael – Blueprint

Music is something that can divide people just as much as it brings us together. It’s truly something that can be debated limitlessly, but something that brings us together is a big time record. Those songs that are song good, it’s really impossible to deny and find the flaw in. Those just hear records dont always come too often but this new record “Blueprint” from Jesse Michael is one of those type of records.

Jesse Michael brings a Indie Pop/Rock sound that is truly something to marvel at on his new song “Blueprint”. Each element works to perfection to bring one out of this world sound. The production sets the ultimate tone with it being layered to perfection, to make one cohesive sound that progresses very well to make it come to life more with each passing second. The writing is brilliant in it’s articulation to make it relatable and the vocals bring a strong presence that melts you every note, to bring it all home.

Jesse Michael’s “Blueprint” is a coming of age anthem that you will be able to enjoy more with every listen. It has high level of appeal to it, that makes you see this record is headed to the stars but also high level musicianship, that makes it a true master class like no other. It’s a full vision of music brought to life for the world to enjoy this art in every way.

Check out Jesse Michael “Blueprint” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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