Putting out a smash of a debut can out pressure on an artist like no other. Getting people familiar with your sound, to the point they are invested, and want to see what you do next. The way an artist handles that pressure can really separate the level of artistry, between those who are truly great, and those who just got it right one time. What PEPTALK does for their follow up to “White Sneakers” is make a masterpiece with their new song “idk”.

PEPTALK continues to bring their beautiful sound to the world to make fans of us all on the new song “idk”. Their ability to convey emotion is genius level, with an indie approach setting an intimate tone that puts you in your emotions right away, while the vocal performance takes over and tugs at the heart with each melody. The writing captures the spirit of love music, with them playing the perfect guide to our most vulnerable times of missing an ex, to make it a record that not only sounds good, but makes you connect to it like no other.

PEPTALK’s “idk” is truly a record that hits the mark in every category of music making, to show their unlimited potential. Each element comes together to make art like no other, with amazing production that sets the tone for the writing and vocals perfectly, and the writing that is amazing in it’s articulation to make it a record worth diving into.

Check out PEPTALK “idk” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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