Night Cruise – KHS

Night Cruise – KHS

Music has a certain way of sticking with you when it takes you on a journey. When you are able to hit play on a record and get not only something that has a nice sound to it, but something that paints a vivid picture for the listener to follow, with the different elements working together to the fullest. Those type of records always make for an experience worth coming to, and Night Cruise delivers that for the listener in a real way on the new song “KHS”.

Night Cruise brings funky sound layered in grooves on the new song “KHS”. Their artist name is most fitting with the name being the perfect description for the sound in the music. Each pumping groove doing its part to set the tone and get things flowing for every second they bring to life the music develops more with add touches throughout. As the music does its work so does the vocals that let their mesmerizing touch work wonders to bring the writing to life, to let us enjoy this vision in its totality.

Night Cruise’s “KHS” is a brilliant display of music filled with replay value to keep making fans of us all. The music carries an infectious energy thats hard to shake, and make you want to move to every danceable grooves that is provided by the production and vocals alike. If you love good music you will love everything about this must hear jam.

Check out Night Cruise “KHS” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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