Amal Fashanu – Me & You

Amal Fashanu – Me & You

With so many releases coming out, a song has to do more than just sound good to stick with you. It has to have some feeling to it that makes you connect to it on another level, whether it be a record that you relate to on a somber note, or a record that feels good to the spirit to hear, it must has something special to stand out. Amal Fashanu brings one of those infectious records that makes you get lost in the sound on her new song “Me & You”.

Amal Fashanu brings a smooth sound that heats up the season on his new song “Me & You”. The music pumps in the production to set value with the listener as soon as you hit play, with each groove working with the next to make something that does wonders to the ears. The vocals bring a strong presence with a warm slick tone that serves as the perfect guide for this party that is brought to life, on this jam that makes you want to dance the night away.

Amal Fashanu’s “Me & You” is the ultimate jam that delivers the rocking sound for us all to enjoy. With each passing second the music gets better and better, as we get to enjoy this fresh talent that marvels at making music that you will want to keep playing, with a magical sound you can hit play and let your mind get away to this blissful sound that doesn’t miss.

Check out Amal Fashanu “Me & You” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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