Elliot Jr – She Said

Elliot Jr – She Said

Now more than ever you’re hearing artist blend genre at a high level like never before. Far from having to go to each specific genre to hear what you love about it, you can now hit play on one record and hear an endless amount of things to love. Especially with R&B and Hip Hop that started off as polar opposites are now tied together to make some of our favorite records and Elliot Jr shines in his ability to bring the two together on his new song “She Said”.

Elliot Jr brings all the vibes you could need and more on his new song “She Said”. The production sets the right tone for the content in the lyrics, with a smooth R&B Trap infused sound that lets you enjoy the vibes provided. For the smooth sound you get a slick vocal performance that packs the bravado of rappers that lets him float through this jam ease. As his vocals glide effortlessly through the track you get to vibe to the playboy driven lyrics that have an admirable flex to them to make us all buy into his star persona.

Elliot Jr’s “She Said” is a hit ready for the world to enjoy. It packs major appeal with a radio ready sound that shines, as well as having a nice dash of soul in the vocals to make you feel the music at a high level to make sure we keep coming back for more. Hit play now and enjoy the major flavor from this major talent!

Check out Elliot Jr “She Said” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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