Blazin Sparxx – Kitty N Bananas/ Pretty Little Liar

Blazin Sparxx – Kitty N Bananas/ Pretty Little Liar

Music has always had a perfect way of mixing bright sounds with deep substance. Being able to tackle heavy issues in a way thats relatable and digestible to make for a great listen for us all. Records that have been able to do this have always lasted the times, to be something that we run to and Blazin Sparxx brings that type of music on his new release “Kitty N Bananas/ Pretty Little Liars”.

Blazin Sparxx brings the perfect post break up anthem on his new song “Kitty N Bananas/ Pretty Little Liar”. Always being a fan of great artist name we first have to acknowledge how great his name is, with an engaging quality to it that makes you want to see what he offers, and once you listen you get all you could want and more. The danceable grooves in the production sets a brilliant tone to get you invested, with his vocals complimenting the sound with fun melodies, that bring the writing to life in this record that comes together in perfect timing to make something must hear.

Blazin Sparxx “Kitty N Bananas/ Pretty Little Liar” is a masterful display of artistry that connects in more ways than one to keep us invested in this great talent. You’re able to enjoy the music that makes you want to move, while also enjoying the story telling in the writing, and the infectious charisma in the vocals to bring it all home on this stellar body of work.

Check out Blazin Sparxx “Kitty N Bananas/ Pretty Little Liar” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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