Artist Spotlight: SIRDEVON

Artist Spotlight: SIRDEVON

An artist who cant lost is an artist who can do everything. One who has such a verity of styles and sounds for the people to enjoy, with so much range to their approach they’re sure to have something for you to be a fan of. With an artist like SIRDEVON he brings you the ultimate vibe of a sound and talent with his R&B/ Hip Hop infused sound bringing all the vibes to make your head nod, and all of this is on full bloom on his new project “Box State Boppers Vol 1”.

A four song, 10 minute EP that will keep you moving for every second to the point your only complaint is that you wish it was longer. He wastes little time getting you invested with the opener “1997” carrying so much flavor that you feel it in your soul as something super funky to rock to, as he lets his presence be felt in his infectious rhyming that can keep any party going. Not only impressing in his rhyming you can hear his R&B prowess being flexed on his song “Something New” that slows things down with a great throwback approach, to show off his fresh style that lets you feel the soul put into the music to keep us attached to it all.

SIRDEVON’s “Box State Boppers Vol 1” is a smash of a release from a promising creative who takes the listener on a ride they will want to keep coming back to. The music sounds good easily with a masterful approach to the music shining through in its care, but also damn good music that feels good to hear with a gold standard to the approach that makes us wait in anticipation for volume 2.

Check out SIRDEVON “Box State Boppers Vol 1” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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