Dax – Shook Ones Remix

Dax – Shook Ones Remix

Some would say that making a cover is tougher than releasing original music. With an original release, people come into it with no real expectations except to hear something good, but with a cover people are coming into it with the mindset of how does it match up against the original. Especially if the record is a classic piece. With that pressure Dax shines to the fullest on his new release “Shook Ones” Remix.

The always supreme Dax takes over a Mobb Deep classic to show off his impressive pen with his new “Shook Ones Remix” with his approach , that sounds like he’s ready to take over the world and the culture with his voice being so raw and filled with hunger. Dax flow is perfect to deliver his hard bars that are equipped with excitement in every line that makes you marvel at each one righteously. His pen is beyond stellar with a sharpness to it that cuts this golden production that knocks into shreds by the time the record ends.

Dax’s “Shook Ones” is that top quality Hip Hop that shows how much life is left in the genre. She approaches her music with the ultimate focus and it shines on this amazing track. The lyrics are hard and pack a punch, the flow is high powered, and it’s all delivered on the right production to make this a stand out track you need to hear immediately.

Check out Dax “Shook Ones” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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