Kayvahn x K-Si Yang – Hyena

Kayvahn x K-Si Yang – Hyena

Now more than ever people re looking for music they can vibe to. That experience of music that goes beyond a nice listening session, but something that makes a true connection with the people to the point they feel it all, as the emotion as well as care put into the music grabs a hold of you for every second. In a time where its hard to sort through all the countless releases its those type of records that always have a way of standing out and Kayvahn and K-Si Yang come together to bring that type of music on the new song “Hyena”.

Kayvahn and K-Si Yang come together to make something ultra smooth on the new song “Hyena”. The production brings to life a great R&B and Afrobeat infused sound, that bring danceable grooves to make us all want to move. As you get lost in the sound you feel the vocals that are masterful in their tone, as we as presence to melt us with every note, to make us enjoy the writing that shines in the verses, and send out in the catchy chorus to make for a true promising hit.

Kayvahn and K-Si Yang’s “Hyena” is a record that one listen will never be enough for. Its a record that sounds good and feels even better to hear, with every element of the music working in perfect harmony to make for something to truly marvel at. The production is amazing, the vocals are mesmerizing, and the lyrics are the icing on the cake to make for a fulfilling listen.

Check out Kayvahn and K-Si Yang “Hyena” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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