Abc Dialect x Viroxx- MONEY

Abc Dialect x Viroxx- MONEY

With a good record, its always many reasons to enjoy it. With all the many reasons some songs just, have a feel to it. A vibe to it that makes you relax and not even think of critiquing it, but just letting it play and enjoy the music in a real way. Abc Dialect embodies this on his new song “MONEY” featuring Viroxx.

Abc Dialect and Viroxx come together to make something super smooth and super must hear on the new song “MONEY”. The music captures everything that makes music great with a sound that truly just feels good to hear, as the beauty of it all resonates instantly. As soon as you hit play you’re able to enjoy the vibe of the sound that makes you slow down to really take in the music, as the vocals don’t hesitate to let its presence be felt, being able to touch the listener with every note, to make sure the writing is appreciated to the fullest on this song that doesn’t miss.

Abc Dialect and Viroxx “MONEY” is the perfect record to breathe fresh life into music. It has a fresh approach with a classic feel, to bride the gap for new and established to enjoy alike. If you love music that feels just as good as it sounds, you will want to check this record out and keep it on repeat for time to come!

Check out Abc Dialect featuring Viroxx “MONEY” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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