Blanco – MVP

Blanco – MVP

With a genre like Hip Hop, an artist being confident in their approach is not only welcomed but necessary. A genre that we all come to as fans to take in major talent who are unapologetic in their approach, as they convey their greatness to us in a way that makes us buy into their undeniable flex that makes fans of us all.  Blanco is an artist who does all of this and more with his new stand out release “MVP”.

Blanco lives up to the title to deliver an all star performance on his new must hear release “MVP”. The music captures a hard midwest sound that sets the tone perfectly for Blanco’s impressive style that is a match made in heaven with the music. Taking full advantage of the tone set he delivers with a commanding bravado to it him with his slick flow, that lets his words slide effortlessly in each line to make us buy into his artistry that shines to the fullest while also delivering great wordplay, that comes to life just right due to the conviction in the approach that makes you feel it to a righteous level.

Blanco’s “MVP” is that super dope music from a super dope artist who makes music to get the culture on their feet. The record comes together in perfect timing to make something must hear with the production working in sync, with the artistry that stands out in the flow, and drives it home with the lyrics to make for a piece full of replay value,.

Check out Blanco “MVP” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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