The Flycatchers – Marigold

The Flycatchers – Marigold

Music can stick with you as well as stand out for many reasons. Whether you find the magic of the sound or the beauty of the words, it is something truly wide ranging with everyone having their own things they look for in music. When a record has a way of connecting with you it makes for something you want to keep coming back to and The Flycatchers gives you a little bit of everything to make something special on the new song “Marigold”.

The Flycatchers bring brilliant songwriting and big time sound to make something to marvel at on the new song “Marigold”. The music captures an indie/ alternative sound that sets the ultimate tone as well as progresses to perfection while the song comes to life for every second. For the incredible sound you get a vocal performance that shines in its tone, as the relatable substance in the writing grabs us all to make us not only enjoy hearing it, but enjoy the way it feels to hear as well.

The Flycatchers “Marigold” is a superb display of music that does everything right to make something truly must heat. In a time where the vibe of a record is the main focus, they show the art of a well written song with it taking the listener on a journey while the words, and sound work in perfect harmony to make one ultra work of art.

Check out The Flycatchers “Marigold” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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