One of the most refreshing things to hear in music is an artist being relatable in their approach. With music it can sometimes get lost in every star having to exhibit perfection, but an artist who dares to be transparent in their approach, have a way of sticking to you like no other. We all look for music that we can feel the realness in and NJ brings that type of music that connects on her new record “RED”.

NJ brings a smooth vibe to showcase her upper echelon songwriting on the new song “RED”. The production sets a great tone that makes it engaging with a super smooth sound that has a nice throwback touch to it to make you feel the cool sexy of it all. As the music flows perfectly you get to hear NJ’s angelic tone to her vocals that makes you feel the writing even more, as it brings to life the troubles of being with a bad communicator to make something emotive, yet empowering to make it all complete.

NJ’s “RED” is a shining example of the power music can have with the listener when an artist bares it all. On the surface you get the perfect blend of R&B and Pop to make it something thats easy to vibe to, but the most you listen the most substance and care put into the music grabs its hold on you to make that much more special.

Check out NJ “RED” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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